Apple Still Dominates Passengers’ In-Flight Entertainment Choices

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    iDownload Blog writes today that it seems that Apple iOS devices are maintaining their dominance in the air, just as they are on terra firma! The news comes via a new infographic from GoGo, which is an in-flight Wi-Fi provider, showing that when it comes to which OS gets the most action during a flight, as they put it, Apple wins hands down, with 84%, compared to Android’s 16%. However, when you compare this very favourable result to the figures from 2011, you’ll see that Apple’s dominance has fallen slightly from previously, when it had almost complete dominance of 96.8%, with Android being used by a tiny 3.2%. Breaking down the figures in terms of devices used, GoGo found that tablets are the most popular devices to be used in flight, laptops are second, and iPhones are third. In terms of smartphones, the figures showed that three out of four (or 73%) smartphones connected to GoGo’s network in 2012 were iPhones, with Android phones making up 26%.[/FONT]

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    [FONT=&quot]Source:[/FONT] Apple rules the skies: 84% of in-flight Internet use comes from iDevices
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    I travel by train a lot - and see the same thing.


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