Apple sells 2 million iPads in 60 days

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, May 31, 2010.

By iDan on May 31, 2010 at 11:01 AM
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    Apple has had a very successful product on it's hands with the iPad. Before the release many people said it would be a flop... that it duplicated functionality of other devices, that it just wouldn't sell. Apple has proved them wrong. Not only has the iPad created a whole new hardware category, but it's combined the functionality of so many devices into one, and it's done it in a way that people feel is superior to the older devices. All of this is reflected in the fact that Apple has sold over 2 million iPads in 60 days.

    The International release of the iPad seems to be going superbly for Apple as well.

    Apple has decided to toot their horn a little bit with a press release bragging about the fact, and you can check that out here: Apple Sells Two Million iPads in Less Than 60 Days


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, May 31, 2010.

    1. IpadOne
      Yeah you are right, i deeply believe the only one can made a serious competitor is Nintendo they have the developer, the existing app’s catalogue .. concerning the computer manufacturer that will be difficult for them , they have the capacity to made a tablet but without at the beginning one of the biggest Apple advantage : the app’s available ….

      Of course also the device have a part of responsibility but we can’t deny Itunes is a kind of gold mine for everybody ….
    2. iVan
      Here,here. Congratulations Apple, and don't stop there!:D
    3. pallentx
      This is definitely a financial success for Apple and good for us as owners. The more users, the more apps and 3rd party support. I do think its early to declare that this is all about what a great product the iPad is. I think it says more about how good Apple's previous products have been. Consumers have confidence that the iPad will be equally as good. I will be very curious to see if they can keep sales strong once the first wave of buyers drops off. I know of at least one person who pre-ordered one without ever seeing it just because it was Apple's latest product and he wanted to have it. He has had it a few weeks and already stopped carrying it and said he doesn't use it much anymore - only at home occasionally. I dont know if he is typical of the 2 million, but I suspect he is not alone.
    4. IpadOne
      That sure some have buy it for be in the trend, if you are a web consumer or e-book reader iPad can be not so useful … but even in case like this he can easily replace a Notebook like many people have one at home and nearly never unplug and bring it out
    5. pallentx
      I agree. Although I dont think it will be a matter of the others "copying". The Tablet form factor has been out for a long time - Apple didnt invent the idea. My old Compaq TC1000 from 8 yrs ago was only slightly larger than the iPad and I loved it. Unfortunately Microsoft didnt support the platform with proper pen or touch interface to make it really shine the way Apple is doing it.

      What Apple has done is to make the most portable Tablet and bring it to the market RIGHT NOW. Honestly, I was holding out to see what HP's tablet looked like and was interested in the some of the Andriod options supposedly on the way. Finally, I realized that so far everyone else has talk. Apple has the iPad right now for sale, so I bought one. The others may come along. They might even be better. But for me, it has been too little, too late from the others.
    6. candafilm
      Hopefully this means they will ramp up production and get me mine already! :D
    7. Stracer
      Yes....ramp it up already...I have mine on doesn't ship until June 10th......I think I have exceeded the 16GB with all the apps I've purchased already.....

      I just read somewhere that Amazon has purchased some tech company specializing in touch tech....and there is speculation that they will be comming out with there own "Ipad killer". I say good for them...the more competition the better. I believe the only thing the apple products have going for them is the touch technology.....they have patents on the hardware side of the touch tech that just make it better than the rest. I had a netbook for surfing the web along with my main computer...I liked the netbook for sitting in front of the tv and looking things up on the web, but it was just to clunky. I sold it for $180 to put towards my iPad.....I can't wait for my iPad!!!

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