Apple Says its App Store Has Generated 500, 000 New Jobs in Europe

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    Apple has recently published a new page on its official UK site, entitled 'Apple's Job Creation in Europe'. The company boasts with its achievements, saying that it has created or supported 629,000 new jobs in the continent, with nearly 500,000 of those from the so-called "app economy." Here's what Apple said on its official page:

    Apple says that 497,000 new jobs are directly attributable to the App Store, while another 132,000 are jobs directly or indirectly supported by Apple. The company itself employs 16,000 people directly in Europe, bringing the total sum to 629,000.

    Apple also says that it has now 101 retail stores across Europe with an average of over 100 employees each. There are also over 580 Apple Premium Resellers across Europe which means that an additional 2,320 people are employed in Apple-related retail stores.

    Apple also says that in 2014, the overall app economy is expected to deliver $16.5 billion in revenues to EU GDP, with the contribution growing at a rate of 12% per year. The app economy is said to add an estimated $86 billion in revenues to worldwide GDP in 2014.

    Source: Apple

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