Apple Said to Have Ordered 2 Million Extra iPad Minis

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 20, 2012.

By Maura on Dec 20, 2012 at 10:52 AM
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    Today we have more evidence that the iPad mini is proving to be incredibly successful for Apple, with iDownloadBlog reporting that according to a new story on DigiTimes, Apple has already increased its order for iPad mini units by 2 million, to arrive before the end of this year. In the report, DigiTimes said that Apple correctly anticipated the roaring success of the iPad mini to some degree, and in fact originally estimated shipments of around 10 million iPad minis for 2012, but component shortages meant that Apple was forced to lower the number of shipments expected to between 6 and 8 million. Now, though, it seems Apple has upped its estimate to 12 million iPad minis shipped in total by the end of 2012. DigiTimes says that Apple has been able to do this because yield rates have improved, with shipments of iPad minis for the first two months of the current quarter already moving past 8 million. And as iDownloadBlog notes, if this story is accurate, Pegatron will be very happy indeed, as it is believed to have agreed with Apple to make iPad minis for the next three years.

    Source: Buoyed by strong sales, Apple orders 2M extra iPad minis


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 20, 2012.

    1. s2mikey
      Wow. Maybe the mini will be the standard iPad and the current one can be called the iPad biggie? :)
    2. AQ_OC

      I have a good lady friend, a professional, who simply had zero interest in the regular iPad. As soon as she saw the mini, her eyes just lit up. This is after my pushing her toward an iPad for some of the work for over a year. Just seeing the mini did more than I could ever had done with logic and words.

      I went to the apple store and saw what appeared to be a dozen or so ladies all huddled around the table for the mini...these were senior ladies, too. Loving on the mini....not even thinking about the regular sized iPad. The mini is the perfect size and weight and the build is spectacular.

      Maybe some guys seem to think it is a girls device...but to my thinking, that is silly. It works as well for a guy as it does for females.

      Apparently, Apple didn't see the quality of the mini that appeals, just as some members here don't either.

      But this is why I bothered to write apple to suggest that they not make the mini a second-tier device (like targeted for kids or something). To do so would be to leave a lot of money on the table....I don't see a problem having two models (well, actually I do, it is far simpler to just have one) but it should stand firm with the latest iPhone...and have a full-up retina screen with full-up internals, provided it won't bulk up..that is the danger....just like the iPad 3/4 gained weight, it would be a disaster if the mini got heavier.
    3. buerkletucson
      Glad to hear it's doing's good for all of us as they will continue to keep new exciting products coming.

      That said, the iPad mini is defintely not for everyone.........depends how you intend to use the device.
      IMHO, I find it's use for the casual/ocassional user...........anyone more hard core that intends to use it for longer durations will find it tedius, tiresome, and ultimately hard on the eyes.
      That's my experience.....
    4. AQ_OC

      But that's just is your experience and you seem to be trying to drop it off on everyone else. I'm sure I could be classified as "hard core" as I use my tablets everyday and have several...and I don't find anything about it tedious, tiresome, and hard on the eyes. But since you mention tiresome, I can use that term to describe how I feel after holding the full-sized iPad in my hands for long periods. It resting on a surface is fine, but that is not the only way I use a tablet. And it is not nearly as convenient when I take it out with me for coffee.
    5. DigiCat
      I'm female and had no interest in the iPad mini because I'd read it didn't have the full-up retina screen, etc. Also, I was doing a great deal of work on my phone and really wanted a much larger screen. After reading comments in this thread, I can see the value of having the Mini. Agreed, if they can make it stand firm with the latest iPhone and not increase the weight, it would be something I'd purchase. The iPad I purchased (64GB, Retina Display...Is this called the 4?) does get a wee bit heavy at times, but not heavy enough ever for me to not want to take it with me everywhere, even out for coffee.
    6. AQ_OC
      I always took my iPad 3 with me for coffee before I got my mini. It is not so heavy that I can't take it's only heavy when I'm holding it in my hands. It's lighter than any laptop I own. But the difference is I can hold the mini in my hands for hours but if I did that with my iPad 3, my hands would get tired. Also, I can tuck the mini away in places the full-sized iPad won't go. I still prefer to use the full-sized iPad when giving presentations and looking at high res images.
    7. DigiCat
      You've got me sold on the mini, when I was skeptical before. I'll admit, the iPad is a bit bulky in the hands at times. It is truly a wonderful bridge between my phone and my laptop. Now I'll start saving for the mini. :D
    8. AQ_OC
      All things is good time. I think some have the impression that I don't like my full sized iPad anymore, or the retina screen. I still do,though, but I like the mini more. Maybe by the time you have saved up the retina model will be out. Part of me wants that to happen next fall. :)
    9. Lopsino

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