Apple Said to be Working on Health-Tracking Smart Bands for Apple Watch

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    AppleInsider reports today on a new rumour from Czech website Letem Svetem Applem that says that according to its sources, Apple is working on new smart bands for the Apple Watch that will supply health-tracking data.

    According to the source, the new bands will connect to the hidden data port at the side of the Apple Watch, and will provide information on such health data as blood oxygen, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. The sensors required to produce such data will all be in the new smart band.

    According to the report, the new smart bands could be available as soon as the beginning of 2016. The range is said to include many different bands that come in a variety of styles and configurations.

    Coming up with an ever-changing new range of smart bands could be Apple’s way of getting around the problem that people will not be looking to upgrade their Apple Watch every year the same way they do their iPhone. However, they might be persuaded to purchase a new, interchangeable smart band each year, given the right features and price point, which could be what Apple is banking on, if this rumour turns out to be accurate.

    Source: Rumor: Apple working on 'smart bands' for Apple Watch to add new health tracking functions

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