Apple Said to Be Revising Backlight on New iPad

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    Following on from yesterday’s report that Apple is currently undertaking minor revisions on the newest iPad, Digitimes is saying today that it has heard from its industry sources that Apple is also working on revising the backlight module on the new iPad. The report says that Apple intends to return to the one-LED structure that was used in the iPad 2, rather than the two-LED structure that is used in the new iPad. Digitimes says that the reason for the intended revision is because it is thought that the two-LED structure is adding to the new iPad’s overheating issues, with both the extra backlights and extra power needed to heat said backlights causing overheating. Digitimes’ sources also said that having just one LED backlight module will not have any adverse affect on the luminosity and clarity of the new iPad’s Retina display. Just as with yesterday’s story, Digitimes says that this updated version of the new iPad will be released this holiday season.


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