Apple Said to be Making Nice Profits from Apple Watch Accessories

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    Apple still hasn't released official Apple Watch sales numbers, but a fresh report coming from research firm Slice Intelligence suggests the company has managed to sell an estimated 2.79 million units since the device launched in April.

    According to Slice's analysis, of those customers who purchased Watch, 17 percent picked up more than one band. Julie Love with Reuters is giving us some more details:

    "Nearly 20 percent of Apple Watch buyers are not only shelling out hundreds of dollars for the timepiece but are springing for a spare band too, giving the tech giant a profitable second dip into customers' wallets, according to data provided exclusively to Reuters."

    Reuters also cites an IHS report that concluded Apple pays about $2.05 to manufacture a $49 Sport Band. However, according to analyst Kevin Keller, we need to take into account that these estimates do not include expenses such as packaging and shipping, which increase the manufacturing costs.

    Apple's black Sport Band was the most popular model, and the Milanese loop came in second. To remind you, the entry-level Apple Watch sport model starts at $349 but an extra band ranges from $149 for the quilted leather loop to $449 for the stainless steel link bracelet.

    At the moment, Apple is still the only company making bands for the Apple Watch, which allows them to take all the profits.

    Source: Reuters
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