Apple Said to be Launching iOS 7.1 in the Middle of March

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    According to some inside sources who have spoken with the AppleInsider publication, Apple is preparing to launch the iOS 7.1 update in the middle of next month. The testing period had allegedly initially began in November and it’s now nearing its final point. The release of iOS 7.1 will have an important meaning for business users, as it will feature the new Mobile Device Management options designed to allow corporate and educational organizations to manage large numbers of devices:

    iOS 7.1 will come with important improvements that will prevent students from bypassing restrictions installed on school issued devices, like it has happened in L.A. school district were pupils were able to delete management profiles from their iPads.

    Besides the rumored improvements to Mobile Device Management options, iOS 7.1 is expected to come with a number of visual tweaks, like the revamped shift and caps locks keys on the keyboard, refined icons for the Phone, FaceTime, and Messages apps, and a new look for several aspects of the Phone dialer. Of course, some other various bug fixes and performance improvements will also be put in place.

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