Apple Rolls out New iPad ad Campaign Focusing on Productivity, Mentions Microsoft Office Support

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    Apple on has recently pushed out a new email ad blitz focusing on the iPad's productivity features. The company is highlighting its own apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote but also the recently added Microsoft Office suite for iPad.

    The campaign is entitled "Achieve big things" and with it, Apple tries to counter attack Microsoft's increasingly aggressive Surface Pro 3 campaign. Recently, Tim Cook has revealed that he does 80% of his work on his iPad and that everybody should do the same. And now it seems that Apple want to highlight once more that the iPad is much more than a tablet used for consuming needs.

    As Apple points out, the iPad isn't meant as areplacement for its MacBook lineup, but rather as a portable hardware solution powered by powerful apps. Apple's new ad puts a big focus on App Store's titles, saying that these "are designed to take advantage of the things only iPad can do."

    Apple showcased its own iWork suite, pointing out that Pages, Numbers and Keynote come free with new tablet purchases. Besides onboard creation and editing features, the apps can connect with iCloud to take documents cross-platform, which means one can start a project on iPad and finish on a Mac.

    The recently release d Microsoft Office for iPad was also mentioned, as it brings the three iconic apps for productivity - Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

    What's your opinion? Is the iPad a productive device or you'd rather prefer a laptop? Sound off by leaving your comment below.

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