Apple Responds to Adobe’s Blog Post

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 25, 2010.

By iDan on Apr 25, 2010 at 9:11 PM
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    Well we all knew this was coming! Apple has today issued a rare rebuttal to Adobe product manager Mike Chambers’ blog post about Flash and Apple yesterday, in which he said that Adobe would be turning their attention to developing tools for Apple rivals such as Google Android.
    According to a report in today’s Daily Telegraph, Trudy Miller, a spokesperson for Apple, responded to Chambers’ comments by saying “someone has it backwards.†She then went on to say the following: “It is HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and H264, all supported by the iPhone and the iPad, that are open and standard, while Adobe’s Flash is closed and proprietary.â€
    Ouch! This one looks like it’s going to run and run, as CNET also reported yesterday that Google are not exactly being shy about their involvement with Adobe either, according to the following quote from a blog post by Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering for the Android effort:
    “Google believes that developers should have their choice of tools and technologies to create applications. By supporting Adobe AIR on Android we hope that millions of creative designers and developers will be able to express themselves more freely when they create applications for Android devices.â€

    By Maura Sutton
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 25, 2010.

    1. Temp40
      that's fine, competition is a good thing, there's plenty of room for both big players in the arena :)
    2. IpadOne
      this is just talking, how Adobe can turn back from Apple … just imagine the business they made with PS, AI and the creative suite … if they try to intimidate Apple i think they go in the wrong way ..
    3. Seadog
      Adobe needs Apple more than Apple needs Adobe. Once they accept that, they might be able to move on and accept that their old model of programming is not sustainable for the future.
    4. Isaac Newton
      Isaac Newton
      Well put.
    5. col.bris
      Re: Apple Responds to Adobe’s Blog Post

      And say all of us.
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    6. Superbike81
      Once both Apple and Adobe stop acting like 3rd graders throwing a fit, the customer will be much better off.

      Just think if this ridiculous feud wasn't happening, we would be able to view Flash content on our iPads.
    7. kheldour
      Agreed. Me - as a user - I don't care, if Adobe's flash is proprietary or not. I want to watch whatever content on my iPhone or iPad. Trouble is, that Adobe's flash is big as hell and I don't have the time and the money to wait for 4-5+ MB flash-intro, -movie, etc. while I'm on the road.
      This is totally inappropriate.

      Flash is great on a desktop or laptop, because there you can expect a fast link. But on a mobile device........
    8. col.bris
      Re: Apple Responds to Adobe’s Blog Post

      Spot on comment we donot need it I have iPhone 3gs since aug 2009 have not needed flash

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    9. DavidNM
      So what does the new world look like? Let's say Apple kills adobe - then what?

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