Apple Re-Opens its Infinite Loop Campus Retail Store

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    Apple’s famous Infinite Loop Campus Store at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, has been shut since June for extensive renovations, but as MacRumors reports, it reopened for business on Saturday.

    As hundreds of people lined up outside in the 90-degree heat just to get look at the newly refurbished store, Apple employees handed out umbrellas to shade customers from the sun, as well as water to keep them refreshed. Those hardy souls that waited in line were rewarded with a free t-shirt that said simply “Apple (logo) Shirt,” which I really think Apple should start selling at all its stores!

    Prior to the revamp the store was very different from the usual Apple stores that we are all familiar with, as it only sold souvenir items such as Apple T-shirts and coffee mugs, and was (and still is) the only Apple retail store to sell such items.

    Now, however, the store is a fully fledged Apple retail store selling the full range of Apple devices, with the only thing missing being a Genius Bar.

    The products are spaced wide apart so that each item is focused on, and employees at the store told MacRumors that this is the first Apple store to be designed in such a way. The store will also now be open on Saturdays, which it wasn’t previously.

    Source: Revamped Infinite Loop Apple Store in Cupertino Now Open

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