Apple Plans to Open New Apple University in China

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    According to a recent exclusive story ran by 9to5Mac publication, Apple is looking to enhance its business in China with an expansion of its Cupertino-based Apple University program to the region. Apple Vice President and Dean of Apple University Joel Podolny is said to be currently interviewing candidates for a new Dean of Apple University position for China.

    The reason why Apple is doing this is quite obvious - the company will get increased awareness of its software platforms and its products. Also, the more developers will join in the program, the more will Apple benefit from their contribution.

    Apple University started back in 2008 as an extensive and growing program within corporate Apple that trains mid-level employees and managers. Steve Jobs created the program alongside former Yale School of Business Dean Podolny.

    The expansion to China will be the first time Apple has fully expanded the exclusive program to another region.

    It seems that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed the plans to a small group of employees during a meeting with China retail operations staff. He said taht an Apple University in China will help teach the growing China base of Apple employees and managers about the corporation’s “heritage and culture.”

    Source: 9to5Mac

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