Apple Plans to Discontinue the Non-Retina iPad 2

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Feb 13, 2014.

By Maura on Feb 13, 2014 at 3:31 PM
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    Well, it’s certainly had a good long run, but now it appears that Apple is getting ready to retire the non-Retina iPad 2, according to AppleInsider today.

    The iPad 2 has been around for nearly three years, selling well as a slightly cheaper alternative to the newest iPad, but sources familiar with Apple’s plans have told AppleInsider that Apple has now decided to cease production of the iPad 2, as more and more customers turn to the latest iPad mini and iPad Air versions.

    In particular, AppleInsider notes that although the non-Retina iPad 2 has performed very well as a legacy purchase, towards the end of last year customers started moving more towards the newly launched iPad mini with Retina display, which had the same $399 price point.

    Apple has yet to comment on the accuracy of this story, but if it does turn out to be true, it would bear out a prediction made last November by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that the iPad 2 was approaching the end of its life.

    Source: Apple set to discontinue legacy, non-Retina iPad 2


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Feb 13, 2014.

    1. teralpar
      Well, it's about time...
    2. Poisonivy
      I loved my ipad 2, It gave me 2 ½ yrs good service then I got a good price for it when it was time to upgrade.
    3. skimonkey
      I still have my iPad 2 and love it. Have had it since 2011 and works very well still.
    4. leelai
      I've been wondering when this was going to happen.....I still have mine and it's still a great device, although quite heavy when compared to the newer iPads!

      Kinda sad though, this was my first iPad and I loved it so!
    5. scifan57
      I've had my first iPad, the iPad 2, since late 2011. It still works fine for what I use it for and I have no plans to sell it. The iPad 2 has had a good run and has introduced many users to iPad ownership over the years, I'm sorry to see it go.
      Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
    6. fgodek
      My first iPad was the iPad 2. My family is in the process of moving and my wife and kids are in a different state that I am right now. My daughters really wanted the iPad so I let them keep the iPad 2 and got myself an iPad Air. The iPad 2 was (and is) a great platform. I think it was a great idea of Apple's to keep the older model out on the market as a lower cost alternative. Maybe the iPad 3 or 4 can become the new low-end device. I don't think the iPad Mini is a fitting low-end option because some people really just want the screen real estate.
    7. col.bris
      iPad 3 and 4 are out of production iPad mini will be entry level.
    8. s2mikey
      I agree. I'm sure my daughters will be using their iPad 2s for a while yet. I do appreciate the Air though and it was quite an upgrade for me. The 2 wil always be very highly regarded since it was such a big upgrade over the 1 and is the last device Steve Jobs was directly involved with, I believe.
    9. dennisjmartinek
      Good product, but was wondering when it was coming to an end, after the introduction of the Mini.

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