Apple Planning to Merge Users’ Different Apple IDs when iCloud Launches

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    MacRumors reports today that it has learned that Apple is attempting to find a way to merge all the different Apple IDs that a user may be juggling into just one login. According to the report, this is largely because developer testing of iOS 5 and iCloud has found that having multiple Apple ID logins is proving to be a problem. Apparently MobileMe users said that having multiple Apple IDs was proving to be particularly problematic for them, especially when using Automatic Downloads. MacRumors refers to a story on TUAW back in May that reported on the same issue, and at that time Apple had said that it would not be consolidating Apple ID accounts. Now, following on from that, a MacRumors reader recently got in touch with Apple CEO Tim Cook via email and asked him about the problem, and was then phoned back by an Apple executive relations employee, who said that the team handling Apple IDs were aware of the issue and how it would be exacerbated once iCloud is launched. Significantly, she said that although there is currently still no means to combine multiple accounts, Apple is working on finding a solution to the problem.

    Source: Apple Working on Allowing the Merging of Multiple Apple IDs - Mac Rumors

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