Apple Picks MildMania’s ‘rop‘ Puzzle Game as its Free App of the Week

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    Apple has selected MildMania’s ‘rop‘ as its App of the Week for this week. Thus, from now through next Thursday, the popular puzzler will be available for free for both iPhone and iPad users, represnting a $1 savings over its usual price.

    The game is described as a mind-bending, minimal puzzler with nearly 200 beautiful levels. In each of those levels, you must rearrange the different pieces of rope on a hexagonal grid to match the shape that you are given. Here's what the App Store editors said about the game:

    "Give your brain a workout with this smart, superbly satisfying spatial puzzler. You’ll need sharp wits and nimble fingers to arrange overlapping bands on a hexagonal grid and match increasingly complex shapes. Packed with clever variety, rubbery physics, and a learning curve that feels just right, Rop is an instantly accessible challenge you’ll want to pick up again and again."

    The game comes at a size of 19.1 MB and is localized in the following languages - English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish. Have a look at the video from below, as well, to decide whether you'd be interested in such a game.

    Source: iTunes
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    Picked it up and am enjoying it. I like it. But I like lightly challenging visual puzzles that only frustrate me occasionally. :)

    I'm almost done with the first pack.

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