Apple Picks Design App Over as its Free App of the Week

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    Apple has updated its App of the Week promotion with a new app called Over. Thus, from now through next Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up the popular typography and design app for free for both iPhone and iPad, down from its regular price of 4$. Here's how the App Store Editors’ notes sound like:

    "This user-friendly design app makes it fun turning photos into gorgeous graphic art. With Over you’ll add exquisitely styled text, shapes, and clip art to your images, all in a powerful interface you can control with your thumb. Just tap to select elements, then swipe to change colors, fonts, spacing—even nudge objects for pixel-perfect layouts. Over is flexible too, letting you customize its tools and features as your imagination flows."

    Over allows users to edit their photos with a wide variety of tools including text, with more than 300 fonts, 800+ illustrations and more. Furthermore, the interface is very well designed, and the app has received many praises from the users so far. Here are some of the main things you can do with the app:

    "Design a greeting card — Visualize an idea — Promote an event — Market your real estate — Layout a business card — Sell stuff on craigslist — Joke around — Make a meme — Caption your pets — Comment on politics — Review a meal — Tell a story — Share your love — Express your feelings — Organize your thoughts — Store measurements — Keep ingredients — Study for a test — Remember details — Track your progress — Celebrate a victory! — Encourage a friend — Give directions — Inspire your fans — Motivate your team — Quote famous people"

    If you're interested in giving the app a try, go ahead and follow the link from below to download it completely for free.

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