Apple patents ‘social camera flash’: use more iPhones, iPads to light a scene

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    Ever envied models and their fancy photo shots that most of the time include professional accessories to maximize lighting conditions? That’s how you get those amazing photos in Cosmopolitan or in Harper’s Bazaar. It’s all about catching the light properly.

    According to a new patent that was filed with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, Apple might be tackling something​​ among these lines. The filing is called “Illumination System†and details a primary iOS device such as an iPhone, let’s say, which can be used to control other secondary devices (slaves) like iPhones, iPads or iPods.

    The basic idea is that the main device will control the flashing system of the other cameras and thus providing more light when necessary. The invention has been dubbed “a social camera flash system†because photo taking using this method becomes interconnected. The system, as described by the patent, is supposed to work by establishing a master-slave connection. After this step has been achieved, the master will take some test shots in order to assess the lighting levels. When it detects that levels are quite low, it can then send signals to the slave devices, providing appropriate instructions.

    The patent also provides an example to make things more easily understood:

    “As one example, a display associated with (or incorporated into) a secondary device may display text instructing a person holding that device to move in a particular direction, for a particular distance, to a particular angle or move the device in a certain mannerâ€

    For the technology to work, Apple explains the need of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. We’re pretty curious to see what will ever become of this invention.

    Source: AppleInsider


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