Apple Officially Confirms that Tattoos Can Affect the Heart Rate Sensor on the Apple Watch

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, May 1, 2015.

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    Yesterday we reported a story that seemed almost unbelievable. Supposedly, the Heart Rate sensor on the Apple Watch could have its functionality negatively impacted by the presence of a tattoo on your skin underneath the watch. There's even a video presentation of the problem which we have shown above.

    It turns out this isn't some weird voodoo magic, and has actually been confirmed by Apple themselves. They recently updated their Apple Watch landing page and included a description of the problem. Here's what they said,

    Apple also shared several other things which could affect the performance of the heart rate sensor. You can read all about it in the source link below. What do you think? Will this problem keep you from purchasing the Apple Watch?

    Source: Your heart rate. What it means and where on Apple Watch you ll find it. - Apple Support
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    Gee. I wear my Apple Watch on the same wrist as my tattoo. But without another device to check my heart rate, I can' tell if it's reliable or not. I'm not as inked as the person shown in the picture. I guess I'll have to switch to wearing my Watch on my right wrist for any time I might do workouts.

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