Apple Music Connect to be Sidelined in Forthcoming Redesign

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    9to5 Mac reports that Apple Music Connect is to be downgraded as part of the redesign of Apple Music that Apple is due to unveil at its WWDC in June, as was reported yesterday.

    The social interaction feature was designed to bring fans and artists closer together on Apple Music, with artists sharing pictures, videos, and audio with their fans, who, in turn, would be able to comment on the posts.

    However, with most artists already firmly devoted to using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and, more recently, Snapchat to interact with their fans, Apple Music Connect never really took off, and some users even managed to disable it altogether.

    Now, with the forthcoming redesign, Connect will take a much lesser role in Apple Music. It will no longer have a separate tab at the bottom of Apple Music’s screen, and will instead be relocated to the For You recommendations page. It will still feature in artists’ pages, however, for those that still want to use it.

    Source: Apple Music Connect social network to be demoted in iOS 10 overhaul

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