Apple Moves to Shore Up iTunes Security

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Ars Technica reports that Apple has introduced some new features to make iTunes more secure. This primarily consists of asking iOS device users to answer several security questions, which many iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners have noticed happening today. Aside from asking several security questions, the prompt also asks the user to provide a backup e-mail address for their Apple ID if they haven’t already done so, which they are then required to verify via a weblink. It has also been reported on Apple’s discussion boards that people have been seeing similar prompts when they use iTunes on their computers as well as on their iOS devices. Ars Technica suggests that these new security moves from Apple are most likely a bid to deal with the growing problem of phishing attempts to illegally gain people's Apple IDs. Funnily enough though, so suspicious have iTunes users become of phishing emails and pop-ups that many have actually questioned the validity of these new security measures, wondering if they are in fact sophisticated phishing attempts! Ars Technica puts people’s minds at rest by saying that the security prompt is in fact official and direct from Apple.

    Source: Apple prompting users for security questions to bolster Apple ID security
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    Apple has APPARENTLY changed security rules?

    From several sources, I have read that Apple has 'apparently' changed their security rules. Have they, or not? Why
    hasn't Apple notified us?
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    Why would they bother to notify us. You would see the new security measures when you encounter them in your normal use of iTunes.

    Clearly there is no need to notify customers in advance.

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