Apple Moves iPad 2 Display Panel Contract to Samsung from LG

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 10, 2011.

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    MacRumors reports today on a DigiTimes story that says that Apple has moved some of its iPad 2 display panel orders over to Samsung and Chimei Innolux from LG Display, because of quality issues at LG that led to their panels failing drop tests, and having their backlight units fail during the tests. According to the report, Apple has put all display panel orders from LG on hold until LG can sort out its quality issues. This is quite a setback for LG, which until this point was the biggest supplier of iPad 2 display panels. Samsung has quickly stepped into the breach though, producing almost two million iPad 2 displays in July, which is more than double its usual yield of just over one million display panels per month. MacRumors says that Chimei Innolux could also stand to benefit from LG Display’s problems, and that it has been angling for some time to get more iPad 2 display panel orders.

    Source: Apple Shifts iPad 2 Display Orders from LG to Samsung Due to Quality Issues - Mac Rumors

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