Apple may not have enough iPad mini 2 units to meet holiday demand

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    The Retina display iPad Mini is finally a reality (however, only the iPad Air launches for consumers this Friday, on November 1st). But at this moment it’s not quite sure whether or not Apple will have enough iPad Mini 2 units to meet the demand. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook was asked during his company's quarterly earnings conference call by Steve Milunovich, an analyst with UBS, if the iPad maker will manage to meet the high demand.

    Tim Cook didn’t express a great deal of confidence, saying the following:

    To remind you, the iPad mini with Retina display is launching after the new iPad Air which could mean that there were issues in the supply chain.

    A new report from DigiTimes cites sources with Taiwan's supply chain who points at Sharp as being the main bottleneck. The company is reportedly having problems with production yields of the 7.9-inch display panels for the iPad Mini, just like we have previously presumed. DigiTimes said:

    Shortage issues don’t seem to affect the iPad Air, as the company will offer same day in-store pickup for orders. Are you going to buy the latest iPad Air or the iPad Mini with Retina display?

    Source: MacRumors, DigiTimes
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