Apple Looks to Hire a 'Buzz Marketing Manager' for Product Placement in Movies

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    Apple’s products manage to create a lot of buzz by themselves and without any help from others. The best proof to that is the huge amount of rumors that usually get piled up prior to the release of another iPhone or iPad. But Apple thinks it could promote its products even better and for that, the company is looking to hire a “buzz marketing manager” who would be responsible for “constant and compelling exposure of Apple products with high-profile users, especially those in film and television”. So, in other words, Apple wants to put the iPhone and the iPad in hands of famous people. Or, could it be that Apple is preparing to promote its iWatch? Here they key qualifications that Apple is seeking, according to the job posting on its website:

    The hired person will report to the head of worldwide Buzz Marketing, which shows that Apple is seriously interested in increasing its reach via media channels. The most recent PR move in this direction belonged to Samsung, who hired Ellen Degeneres to take a selfie with a lot of celebrities during the Oscars with a Samsung smartphone. Let’s see what will be the effects of Apple’s move.

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