Apple launches news “Kids†App Store category: brings curated, age-specific apps

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    At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple said that there will be a new category in the App Store aimed at the little ones. It has now made it official. The latest category in Apple’s App Store is called just “Kids†and it features apps that have been hand-picked by Apple's own editorial staff.

    If you’ll open now the App Store, you’ll see th​​at the apps are sorted according to the following age ranges: "Best for Ages 5 & Under", "Best for Ages 6-8" and "Best for Ages 9-11." As you’d expect, you will find there a lot of apps from brands like Disney. Besides age-specific collections of apps, the apps are also organized by different types of learning, like "Create & Play," "Shapes & Colors," "First Words & Numbers" and more.

    You can’t forbid your kids to play on your Apple devices, but you can definitely control the time they’re spending with these mesmerizing gadgets. A good thing about iPhones and iPads is that they are very interactive and versatile, which allows developers to create truly helpful learning apps that even teachers or parents can use in their interaction with kids.

    Apple is definitely shifting its focus on making iOS devices eve more accessible for younger generations, the iPhone 5c’s vibrant range of colors also serving as a good example. Back in August, Apple has also decided to allow children under 13 to have an iTunes account as long as their Apple ID was provided to them as a result of an approved educational institution request.

    As Apple tries to increase the role of the iPad in education, it will definitely face a lot more scrutiny from the government.

    Source: TechCrunch

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    It is actually not a bad idea to use apple products in education. Our school lets us use school Ipads for the year and the students can message and facetime each other about homeworks and notes

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