Apple Launches New Ad Campaign "Everything Changes with iPad"

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    Everybody knows that iPad sales are declining, but Apple believes its partnership with IBM will change things thanks to the new enterprise apps. The rumored iPad Pro could also improve sales, but the marketing guys over at Apple believe that some more aggressive promotion could help, too.

    That seems to be the reason behind the new "Everything changes with iPad" advertising campaign. Just as the name suggests, the campaign is meant to showcase the various uses of Apple's tablet and how it can be used to improve one's life. Have a look at the video clip posted by Apple on YouTube, as well:

    Apple also created a new webpage on its website which is organized as a portal of six categories — Cooking, Learning, Small Business, Traveling, Redecorating and a catchall "Why iPad" section where Apple has included third-party apps, accessories and others. Follow the link from below to see it for yourself.

    Source: Apple
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