Apple Launches "Made for Apple Watch" Program, Gives Makers a List of Design Requirements to Follow

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    As more and more customers have started receiving their orders, some of them will probably want to change their band with a new one. And while there are a few options that come officially from Apple, the company is now launching a new program to help third-party designers to make their own connecting bands for the Apple Watch. Apple says the following on the official site:

    "Apple Watch bands are easily changed with simple release buttons and lugs that secure the band to the Apple Watch case. When creating your custom bands, refer to the band design guidelines and lug profile. Apple Watch lugs will be available soon through the Made for Apple Watch program."

    The new "Made for Apple Watch" program allows accessory developers to download design guidelines and Watch schematics from the official Apple site, thus allowing them to create straps in various materials that comply with Apple's specifications for third-party bands. The new program is pretty much similar to Apple's "Made for iPhone" program for accessory creators.

    Band makers need to stick to environmental guidelines in the creation of the straps, and also, when fastened, the Watch needs to sit tight enough against the wrist so that it can read the wearer's heartbeat. Designers are also restricted to integrating magnetic chargers into their bands.

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