Apple - Killer of Trade Deficit Mythology?? 蘋果,贸易逆差迷思的終結者?

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    故事上回說到:美國加州大學和雪城大學三位教授,在他們所合寫的"捕捉蘋果全球供應網路利潤"(Capturing Value in Global Networks: Apple's iPad and iPhone)中分析到2010年蘋果每賣出一台iPhone,就獨佔58.5%的利 潤,而中国只能得到3.5%或$10的勞工費,但美國却採用錯誤過時的統計法,利用每一個iPhone或iPad,把對中國的贸易逆差增加 了$229到$275。

    "Although hard facts are scarce, we estimate that only $10 or less in direct labor wages that go into an iPhone or iPad is paid to China workers. So while each unit sold in the U.S. adds from $229 to $275 to the U.S.-China trade deficit (the estimated factory costs4 of an iPhone or iPad), the portion retained in China's economy is a tiny fraction of that amount."

    "This study also confirms our earlier finding that trade statistics can mislead as much as inform."

    與其同时,我们也可看到亚洲开发银行研究所的研究员Yuqing Xing 和NealDetert 的一份调研报告,指出iPhone 的大部分零件是在亚欧大陆多个国家生产,而中国所做的只是装配和运输这最后一步。但贸易统计数据仍然把它当作是中国出口到美国的产品;这就是造成美国对华贸易逆差的关键所在。譬如說:苹果公司的热销产品iPhone 去年给美国造成了19 亿美元的对华贸易赤字!

    "Global production networks and highly specialized production processes apparently reverse trade patterns: developing countries such as the PRC export high-tech good -like the iPhone - while industrialized countries such as the US import the high-tech goods they themselves invented. In addition, conventional trade statistics greatly inflate bilateral trade deficits between a country used as export-platform by multinational firms and its destination countries."

    Olaf Stockbeck 在他的"奇怪的經濟邏輯-全球化iPhone智慧手機的經濟論"(The Strange Logic of the Global iPhone Economy)中也提到说古老的贸易逆差计算模式已不適用於現今的全球化工廠操作。

    "Those eight words (.."Designed by Apple in California - Assembled in China"..)are also giving a concise summary of the daunting problems the world economy has been struggling with for years. On top of this, they are revealing the weaknesses of traditional trade theory."


    1) 看美国媒体如何揭示美对华贸易逆差真相

    2). Capturing Value in Global Networks: Apple's iPad and iPhone

    3). How the iPhone Widens the United States Trade Deficit with the People's Republic of China

    4) The Strange Logic of the Global iPhone Economy
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