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    Apple has posted a few iTune tips that will help you understand how to share your iTune libraries effectively between systems.

    Sharing libraries via streaming:

    You can enable it on the Sharing tab in the Preferences panel, which will allow your computer to look for the libraries others are sharing and let you choose whether to share your whole library or just selected items and playlists. When Sharing is turned on, shared libraries on your local network appear in the Shared section of the iTunes window’s left-hand column. You can play the content that appears there as if it were on your own computer.

    Home Sharing:

    lets the users of up to five computers on a home network copy over music or any other item they’d like to have in their own library. Then they can then enjoy it even if your computer is no longer on the network, and they can sync it to their own devices. To turn it on, use Turn On Home Sharing in the Advanced menu on each of the computers, and use the same active iTunes account to activate each one. Copying is then a simple matter of dragging from a shared library and dropping into your own.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Mar 30, 2010.

    1. iDan
    2. iVan
      The Iomega Home sharing Network will be the perfect host for that iTunes library.

      Easily share and access photos, videos and music throughout your home with the Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive.
      • Features:
      • 1TB capacity; 7200 RPM, SATA II HDD
      • Three step set-up - simply plug into your router, power on, and install the software CD
      • Access files from any networked Windows PC or Apple computer for easy file sharing
      • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity combined with a high performance processor
      • UPnP AV Media Server: Compatible with DLNA certified media players
      • iTunes Server: Store your audio content in one central location and share it across your iTunes players
      • Add storage capacity by connecting external USB Hard Disk Drives
      • Touch-free professional-level backup with EMC Retrospect HD backup software
      • Intelligent network print sharing capability for one USB printer directly attached to the HomeMedia drive
      • With Remote Access*, connect to your pictures, videos, and files from anywhere in the world - First year of remote access is free.
      • 3 year warranty with registration
      • Mfr's #: 34337.

      • Included in the Box:
      • Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive
      • Ethernet Cable
      • External Power Supply
      • Quick Install Guide
      • One Iomega StorCenter Network Hard Drive Solutions CD
      • EMC Retrospect Express Backup and Disaster Recovery
      • Trend Micro Internet Security - 1 year Free via download.
      System Requirements: PC: Pentium 300Mhz, Windows XP Home/Professional/x64/Vista, 256MB RAM or higher, 10/100/1000 Mbps network; Mac: Mac OS X 10.3x or higher, 128MB RAM or higher; CD or DVD drive to install software; DHCP-configured Network (recommended); Network hub, switch, or router (recommended).

      *Remote Access not available in mainland China. Premium personalized domain names are available for a nominal fee.
    3. iDan
    4. IpadOne
      iPad rock the scene

      2 bad point all my computer are in Wifi and i also have office in China mainland
    5. rob the elder
      rob the elder
      I went to a NAS but when my Itunes library went over 1TB I had to go to a different solution. I now have three Windows Home Servers, one is the primary Ilibrary, one backs up the Ilibrary and one backs up all purchased items from the Istore.

      The first time you loose your library you will understand the need for backing up everything at least once and preferrably twice.

      My Ilibrary is over 3TB currently but safely ensconsed on its HP WHS host.
    6. iVan
      You can connect the NAS to your WIFI network.

      You can add drives via usb to the Iomega NAS as you need them. That's why I chose this one.

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