Apple is the Most Valuable Brand in the World

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    MacRumors reports that according to advertising group Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ study of global brands, Apple is now the number 1 “Most Valuable Global Brand,†with a brand value of over $153 billion, representing a brand value change of +84% from last year. Google had topped the chart for the past four years, but has been knocked back by Apple into second place with a $111,498 billion brand value. IBM is third with $100,849 billion. According to MacRumors, the brand values are calculated by analysing financial and market data, as well as taking into account reports from analysts and surveys of 2 million-plus consumers throughout the world. BrandZ also reports that the Top 100 most valuable global brands for 2011 surpassed $2 trillion for the first time ever.
    Great news for Apple then, but not such great news for RIM’s BlackBerry brand, which Reuters says lost a fifth of its brand value, with only Nokia losing more in the tech companies sub-section.

    Source: Apple Named World's Most Valuable Brand at $153 Billion - Mac Rumors, Apple usurps Google as world's most valuable brand | Reuters
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    I remember the times 1990's when nokia was the king

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