Apple is Finally Showing off its New Enhanced Multitasking mode for the iPad

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    No, Apple didn't unveil a new bigger-sized iPad device, but it might have prepared the ground for it, announcing a new software feature which is long overdue. Apple has introduced its new, enhanced multitasking mode for the first time as part of its iOS 9 preview.

    The iPad can now make use of a new task switcher which can be accessed when double-tapping the home button. There's also a new Slide Over feature which lets you simultaneously work in a second app without leaving the first. A quick tap gesture allows users to access the new Split View feature, letting you use two apps at the same time, side-by-side.

    The Picture-in-Picture feature lets you continue a FaceTime call or video while using your favorite apps. Apple says that these new multitasking features are supported by built-in Apple apps, and third-party developers can also add support into their own apps by slightly tweaking them.

    Furthermore, there's now an all-new Shortcut Bar that displays actions tailored for the app you are in, and new Multi-Touch gestures which make it even easier to select and edit text. With all these new features, it seems that it it's time for the iPad Pro to step in!

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