Apple Is Apparently Sold Out Of iPads For The April 3rd Launch Date

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Craig, Mar 27, 2010.

By Craig on Mar 27, 2010 at 8:54 PM
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    Apple's delivery and shipping dates on their website have changed for pre-orders for the iPad's April 3rd launch day. What was once shown on Apple's website as 'Delivered On April 3rd' is now 'Ships By April 12th'.

    Apple has also removed the ability for people to reserve an iPad for in-store pickup at their retail locations.

    By the looks of the Apple Store, all of the inventory expected for the April 3rd launch of the iPad seems to have been spoken for. This could mean they simply sold out of what was expected for early April delivery, or they could possibly be having issues sourcing materials as has been speculated upon over on AppleInsider.

    This makes it all that much more important to get your camping gear out for your local Best Buy or Apple Store if you've not made pre-order arrangements yet and are hoping to join the iPad club next Saturday.

    Thanks to member stevegm for pointing this out on the discussion boards!


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Craig, Mar 27, 2010.

    1. IpadOne
      hey i point it the first when '' Ellie'' point the camera connection is back :eek:

      But this details let us see the sales figures will not me so small as the naysayer pretend
    2. Finnedog
      You wonder if there will be another spike in orders now that they are pushing delivery dates back.

      I think most of us feel that once people get there hands on the iPad there will be a huge spike.

      Scanning over the web news on the iPad it is amazing how many people are still saying this device will not change anything and is a flash in the pan. Why set yourself up for people rubbing your nose in it?

      Has a device ever come out where the buyers already own billions of software titles that can be used on the new device right away?? You either get the excitement that we feel for April 3rd or you just roll your eyes at us. The wife is rolling her eyes.
    3. iDan
      Wow! I had a feeling this would happen, in fact I think we were all talking about it over a month ago. Now get ready for the iPad selling $100-$200 over retail on ebay! I knew I should have ordered more :)
    4. iVan
      There's a limit of two units in preorder on the Apple site.
    5. gentlefury
      yeah me too..I originally planned to buy 2 (one to sell on ebay) but I ended up getting one.
    6. EARL97850
      Yeah...I'm kicking myself!!!

    7. Seadog
      Accoding to MacWorld, Apple has not sold out of iPads, but has reached a predetermined number of sales which they feel they can handle on Saturday. They are also going to have units available for sale at all authorized resellers, including university bookstores.
    8. iVan
      It would be nice if Apple had the courtesy of a little more transparency in such situations. Just letting the anxious population bits of news of what's going on would help greatly. Next saturday's shopping could get nasty if they don't issue warnings. I just hope that all contributing stores have measures to control risks of rioting...

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