Apple iPhone & IPad 15 Best Free Apps Available Right Now

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    Here's a quick compilation of some of the best apps available in the Apple App Store that are currently listed as FREE. They range from video apps, to cooking apps, to shopping apps and much more! Be sure to check them out at the links provided below!
    • Hyperlapse, the time-lapse video app produced by Instagram (FREE)
    • Storehouse, an awesome app that lets you create storyboards using your photos and videos (FREE)
    • SwiftKey, one of the world’s best third-party smartphone keyboards (FREE)
    • 1Password, a must-have password manager (FREE)
    • Spring — Go Shopping, a shopping app that offers discounts on your favorite brands and now offers integration with with Apple Pay (FREE)
    • Buzzfeed, for cat GIF lovers everywhere (FREE)
    • Peak — Brain Training, yet another brain testing app that’s designed to “train your memory, focus, problem solving, mental agility and language skills with fun, challenging games” (FREE)
    • Yummly Recipes and Grocery Shopping List, a terrific app for amateur cooks everywhere (FREE)
    • Waterlogue, a beautiful app that will make your pictures look like gorgeous watercolors (FREE)
    • Stellar, another app that lets you create stories with your photos and videos (FREE)
    • Network TV, “the personal TV network that recommends the best internet video and learns what you love” (FREE)
    • Litely, a photo filter app whose gorgeous filter options put Instagram to shame (FREE)
    • Cinamatic, an app to help you create beautiful short films (FREE)
    • Health Mate — Steps Tracker and Life Coach, an app that tracks your fitness activity using your iPhone’s heart-rate monitor (FREE)
    • Paper, Facebook’s story-making app that includes “immersive designs and fullscreen, distraction-free layouts” (FREE)
    Most of these are free all of the time, but some might only be free for a limited time, so be sure to check them out ASAP! :)

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