Apple iPad Pre-Order Sales Figures Could Be Much Higher than Estimated

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    Initial estimates put the first day pre-order sales for the iPad at approximately 120,000, with the pace dropping after that first day to end up with a total sales figure after the first weekend of 152,000. However, a report today on says that according to an anonymous industry analyst who is monitoring the sales independently, the real figure might actually be considerably higher than that initial estimate. Another analyst quoted by TheStreet who also wishes to remain anonymous says that there is such excitement about the iPad that he predicts Apple will announce it has sold 1 or even 2 million iPads following the April 3rd launch. Furthermore, TheStreet reports that Wall Street analysts are estimating that iPad sales will be between 2 and 10 million in the first year, with yet another analyst, Angela McIntyre of Gartner, estimating that the figure will be around 4.2 million. How quickly those figure will be reached, that’s the real key.

    By Maura Sutton

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