Apple iPad Car Installation!

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 5, 2010.

By iDan on Apr 5, 2010 at 4:34 PM
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    We all know the iPad will find a use in many different environments. For those that are gadget junkies and love tinkering with Car Audio, we have found something that you'll be drooling over. While reading my favorite Auto News site today, I ran across an article that debuted the first Apple iPad in-car installation. The install was done by Doug Bernards of SoundMan Car Audio in Santa Clarita, California with a Toyota Tacoma pickup.
    Check out the video after the jump!


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 5, 2010.

    1. iDan
      [ame=]YouTube - iPad in Car, Pt. 1, First Ever, SoundMan Car Audio[/ame]
    2. col.bris
      One way of using the iPAD in a car is with Parrot's MKi9200 car kit. This is a fully integrated hands free system with separate amp and LCD controller. Its designed primarily to use with iphones, ipods and of course other MP3 players and phones. One can even attach a usb hard drive to it

      I have been using this successfully with my iphone and ipod touch since August last year. It offers both direct connect and bluetooth ( iphone 3gs). In respect to the iphone 3gs I use the blue tooth function as one can play movies with full rich sound all most as good as with the direct connection. What I am looking for is a portable mount I can use when I want to watch movies ( not while driving lol) I can play movies from my iphone but screen is too small I use a window swivel mount so iphone is in landscape mode This is also used for GPS as well.

      If I use the direct connect via Apples cable then I have full control over the play lists etc with a remote and a small LCD screen.

      So if any one can come up with a portable car mount that can mount on the dash (Mazda 3) that can be removed or one can fit in the glove box please let me know. Only thing I am unsure of is if the in car charger that is available for iphones will be sufficient power for the ipad
      Details below
      Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits - Parrot USA
      Thanks col
    3. DavidNM
      A question, albeit just a question: Isn't it illegal in some states to have a device capable of playing video (movies, etc.) installed on the dashboard of the car in view of the driver?
    4. shokwaves
      As long as you are not moving you can have a video device on the dash, once your tires start rotating, it is supposed to black out even if the sound still plays.
    5. wot_fan
      Great post thanks. I have subscribed to their youtube channel so I can watch the updates.

      With some people reporting issues with heat, I wonder how good an idea it is to leave in iPad in the dash under the hot sun all day.
    6. iDoug
      That looks really good! I just sent that link to all my Tacoma buddies :D

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