Apple investigates the use of solar-powered panels for its mobile products

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    Earlier today, we shared a patent that suggests Apple is working on an anti-reflective display for its future mobile product in order to protect against sunlight and the glare that it creates. Now, it seems that Apple is looking for ways to harness the solar power too.​​

    According to a job listing on Apple’s website, which has been already taken down, the Cupertino giant is looking for an engineer to fill a position for the Mobile Devices group, being responsible for semiconductor processing and solar industries. More precisely, the engineer would have to deal with thin films and “assist in the development and refinement of thin films technologies applicable to electronic systems.” While it’s too early to tell, this could be a sign that Apple will have someday the potential to endow its iPhones or iPads with solar-charging capacities.

    According to the job description, Apple requires the engineer to have an “extensive experience with thin-film technologies in either semiconductor processing or solar industries”. Once more, we must take into consideration the fact that this technology, just like the anti-reflective display, would be much more suitable for an eventual iWatch, since that gadget will most likely come with a small, under 3-inch screen.

    And it actually makes sense, since light conversion efficiency constantly increases but obviously not to the point where a solar panel could replace wall charging. With a watch, things are different, since a small solar-powered thin film could play an important role in battery life augmentation.

    Source: AppleInsider

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