Apple Introduces New iPad Air 2 Ad Called 'Change' [Video]

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    Apple is known to produce professional ads for its products and now the company has released a new one for our viewing pleasure.

    The marketing guys over at Apple debuted a new ad for the iPad Air 2 named "Change" which showcases the new tablet being used in a wide variety of professions and situations. The above ad shows the tablet being used by artists, motorcycle enthusiasts, photographers, and schoolteachers.

    A new "Change" section has been posted on the official website, as well, highlighting the apps used inside of the ad such as illustration app Tayasui Sketches, cinematography app iStopMotion Plus, automotive app OBD Fusion, and AutoCAD 360. The song "Who Needs You", which is performed by American rock band The Orwells, is playing on the background/

    The new "Change" ad follows Apple's "Your Verse" campaign for the original iPad Air, which debuted last January and showed the specific iPad use in mountaineering, sports, choreography, oceanography, travel, musical composition, and more.

    What's your take on this fresh new ad? Have you seen it already on TV?

    Source: Apple

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