Apple increases cellular App Store download limit to 100MB

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    Yesterday, Apple has made available iOS 7 after it has recently updated iTunes to the 11.1 version. After the iOS 7 rollout, Apple has decided to raise the limit for App Store downloads that are initiated over cellular networks. The previous cap was limited at 50MB and now Apple has decided to double that, reaching 100MB per app.

    The doubling in over-the-air app downloads could be caused by the fact that the new iPhone 5s is going to catalyze development of advanced apps, since it comes with a 64-bit System-on-chip. With this increase, Apple is getting ready for the new breed of apps that will make use of iPhone 5s' big processing horsepower. And if Apple decides to embed its next iPad with the 64-bit A7 SoC, then the increase makes even more sense.

    The last time when Apple raised the OTA limit was in March 2012, when the company was preparing for apps specially built for the third-generation iPad's Retina display.

    As Apple’s devices become more powerful, both in CPU and GPU performance, so do the apps, having a bigger size to accommodate for rich environments and powerful new features. Obviously, you will notice the change when you will attempt to download a 100MB+ app over a cellular network. If you will do over Wi-Fi, as always, you won’t get any restrictions.

    This limit is a good thing thing, because it protects users so they wouldn't use up a lot of their monthly data. Take, for example, the recently released Infinity Blade III game that comes at a huge 1.47GB size. If it weren’t for this limit, you could’ve forgotten and let the download deplete a big part of your monthly plan.

    Source: AppleInsider


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