Apple I.D. Password Gets Reset But Not By Me

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by retexan599, May 28, 2016.

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    About once a month or so, I get an email from Apple telling me that my Apple I.D. password has been reset. But I did not reset it. And when I try to log in using (what has been my password) the log in fails. So, I tell them I forgot my password and go through the motions of resetting, etc. This has become a nuisance. Seems hard to get my password to 'stick'. Any clue or other experience to help me? Thanks.
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    This shouldn't be happening. It sounds like someone else may be reseting your password. It's very rare for Apple to reset a password.

    If you turn on two factor authentication it will be come nearly impossible for someone else to reset your pasword. With two factor authentication the person reseting your password would need access to your phyisical device to mess with your account settings.

    Read up on it, and make sure you understand how it works before turning it on. Especially the rescue code for when you've lost or sold your authentication device.

    Two-factor authentication for Apple ID - Apple Support

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