Apple Hires Another Former Seniour Tesla Engineer to join its 'Project Titan' Car Team

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    It's almost unbelievable to think of the idea that Apple is working on a car of its own, but as more and more evidence keeps piling, it's getting harder to ignore the rumors.

    According to a fresh report coming from Reuters, it seems that former Tesla senior engineer Jamie Carlson has joined Apple. Carlson was joined by at least six others with experience in developing self-driving cars, who are now working for Apple. At Tesla Carlson worked on its Autopilot self-driving program and prior to that he worked on automotive vision systems for Gentex Corp.

    Tesla and Apple have long been involved in what seems to be a “poaching war” when it comes to self-driving cars. However, Elon Musk, said earlier this year that Tesla has managed to 'steal' about five times as many engineers from Apple than the other way around.

    Source: Reuters

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