Apple Highlights iPad’s Mountaineering Use

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    AppleInsider reports today that Apple has been highlighting the importance of the iPad in the world of mountaineering via its “Your Verse†website.

    The first episode of the “You Verse†campaign focused on the use of the iPad by underwater explorers, and now, in the second instalment, we see how mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington take their iPads along for the ride when they are scaling some of the world’s most challenging mountains.

    The interactive website explores in fascinating detail how Ballinger and Harrington prepare for their expeditions, using the iPad to plan before they go with the help of the Gaia GPS topography app, whereas previously they had to rely on inaccurate and outdated paper maps.

    Once on their expeditions, Ballinger and Harrington use their iPads to post pictures and blogs right from their camps on the mountains, instead of waiting until they come home.

    Ballinger and Harrington say that their iPads are also vital as navigation tools during their expeditions, as they rely on waypoints that they’ve marked on their iPads to guide them on the correct path during whiteouts.

    “In a whiteout, being able to see where you are on the mountain can be a matter of life or death,†said Emily Harrington. “iPad is the only way to tell where we’re going.â€

    If you get a minute, do check out Apple’s “Your Verse†website for more stunning pictures and fascinating charts and diagrams from the two adventurers.

    Source: Apple's second 'your verse' story focuses on iPad in mountaineering
    Apple - iPad - Elevating the expedition
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    If you're on a mountain and your iPad charge goes to 0, what do you do?

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