Apple has Named the Retro-futuristic 3D Shooter ‘Space Qube‘ its Free App of the Week

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    Space Qube is an iOS game developed by Owen Wu which has won a number of awards, such as Best in Play Award Winner at GDC 2013, Tokyo Game Show Sense of Wonder Night 2013 Finalists and Best of 2013 Indie Game in 9 countries. And now Apple itself has observed the quality of the game, making it available for free during a week.

    So, by following the link at the end, you’ll be able to pick up the title for both your iPhone and iPad, for free through next Thursday, which represents a nice saving of $2.99. In the game, players are tasked with helping Space Jack in his campaign to save the universe. They are given the opportunity to build their own custom spaceship, and then must blast their way through levels of dangerous monsters.

    Here are the main features of the game, according to the developer himself
    • Retro shoot ‘em up using sensor control
    • 3D Print out your creations with one click
    • Use your own creation or download another gamer’s model to play the game
    • Share your 3D creations online
    • Best music theme ever, no doubt
    So, waste no more time and go ahead and this great looking game on your iPad and iPhone and start playing.

    Source: iTunes
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