Apple Has Already Developed A 7-Inch iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 8, 2010.

By Maura on Oct 8, 2010 at 9:27 PM
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    Jim Dalrymple writing in The Loop blog has a story today stating unequivocally that the many reports that Apple has plans to release a 7-inch iPad in the near future are completely wrong. And why is Dalrymple so confident about stating this? Because he says that Apple has already developed a 7-inch iPad, but decided to release the 9.7-inch iPad instead. According to Dalrymple, Apple actually developed both devices at the same time, with basically the same specs, but when the time came to decide which model to release, the 7-inch model was discarded in favour of the 9.7-inch version that we know and love today.

    Exactly why Apple decided not to release the smaller tablet is still not known for sure, with Dalrymple venturing that maybe Apple didn’t want to invite further comparison between the fledgling tablet and the iPhone and iPod touch. And the fact that Apple decided not to release the smaller tablet at the time surely makes it very unlikely they’ll be releasing one any time soon, if ever, with Dalrymple pointing out that Apple already has one of the best-selling devices in history with the current iPad, so why would they want to release a smaller version when they already dominate the market?

    Source: The Loop Via AppleInsider


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 8, 2010.

    1. Alanfujii
      Actually, this makes a lot of sense. I have been watching with interest with all these new tablets being announced and feel that the 7inch is too small. I have several devices with the 7inch (two UMPC's and a EEEPC) and found it too limiting for viewing the web.

      It's too close to the iPhone and doesn't provide enough advantage to warrant the problem of carrying it around. The reason why the current iPad is so successful is that it does a great job of web surfing. The onscreen keyboard is not bad but it big enough to set on a table and type normally. With the 7 inch you will still have to hold it with both hands and type. The other thing that is great is that with the same OS as the iPhone, the major of the apps I can use on either device to do what I need depending on the circumstances.

      I do believe Apple got it right. The competition can only go this way in order to have a chance. I think the battle of the tablets is decided already. The next step is Apple TV. If what I'm hoping comes true then being able to do what you want on three platforms then Apple will have the entire field covered.
    2. gentlefury
      I've been saying this since the rumors started.....7" is too small for a netbook style solution/replacement, and too big for a PDA/Pocket solution....the form factor just makes no sense and all the other 7" devices will learn that when people see it and say....its too small, im gonna get an iPad.
    3. tzimisce
      I have a friend who's waiting for the 7" tablet - simply because anything larger won't fit in her handbag.
    4. HistoryWes
      Apple has a whole line of desktops, a whole line of Macbooks, a whole line of ipods. Why wouldn't they have a whole line of iPads. It would make sense for them to produce a 7" if only to stave off competition from Android tablets. I agree that they control the market but if you don't keep moving, you won't for long. The fact that they have already designed a 7" seems to make it more likely that they will release it that the reverse.
    5. Prasius
      I agree with The Loop - a 7"'makes little sense. It really wouldnt be anything other than a big iPhone - and I've already got one of those ;)

      As for "to fend off competition from android tablets". What competition is that exactly? :confused: :p

      Vapourwear is not competition. Apple will mind their own for a few months and then once the chasing pack think they have something that can compete with the device i'll have owned for months.. Apple will release the next gen.. And have them chasing all over again. ;)
    6. leey
    7. Hasty
      The rumors about a 7" iPad just won't go away though, especially with a retina screen.
      An early release would give the competition pause for thought. That said I really like the current size.

      Just read another article this morning saying apple has already sourced 7" screens in the far east.
    8. iVan
      I like the actual iPad size but I would like a 7" too, as a book reader. I found out the hard way that ink requires a lot of lighting at night and that's the only period I have to read. There aren't too many LCD readers out there but if I can get my mail and Internet, the better. A 7" iPad might do the trick.
    9. pallentx
      Yeah, that's my take as well. Once you get beyond fit-in-your-pocket, you might as well go really big because you are going to have to carry it anyway. The only reason I could see for a 7" screen is cost and that would only work if you had a super high-resolution screen like the iPhone 4.

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