Apple Has 885 Million iTunes accounts, Says U2′s Bono

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    It looks like somebody has spilled the beans about Apple's internal affairs. In a recent interview with Dave Fanning on the Irish radio station 2FM, Bono, the frontman of the Dublin-based rock band U2, disclosed that Apple now has an impressive 885 million iTunes accounts. They're 'just' some 115 million more accounts away from reaching the mind-blowing 1 billion milestone.

    Bono also shed more light on the rumored new music format designed to revitalize stagnant digital downloads and shared some discussions he had with late Steve Jobs related to the design of iTunes.

    Back in April, Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the earnings conference that his company had 800 million iTunes accounts. If what Bono says is true, then Apple manages to add around more than half a million new iTunes accounts each day. Here's what the musician said about the standard digital music format:

    "But to really break this open, why can’t we see what we’re looking at. Why can’t we dip into artwork. like we used to? Why can’t I use my phone or my iPad to disappear into a world created by artists with photography?

    If we want to listen to Miles Davis in a silent way, why can’t we have the photographs of Herman Leonard playing in the background while we do it? Or, with another click find out what mood he was in when he made that? Or with lyrics, why can’t we read Bob Dylan’s lyrics while we’re listening to his music at a certain point in time?"

    Bono said that even though the new format will take the music listening experience to the next level:

    "It’s a new format, and you can still get the Mp3 format, and you can rob it or whatever you want but you won’t be getting the full experience. It’d be like you walking down the streets in Dublin in the 70s with a copy of the Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers; just the vinyl, and not the Andy Warhol designed sleeve. You wouldn’t feel like like you had the proper package."

    What do you think about this impressive feat achieved by Apple?

    Source: 2FM

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