Apple Had to cut Apple Watch Health Features due to Erratic Sensors

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Feb 18, 2015.

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    apple watch health.jpg

    According to a recent report from Wall Street Journal, it seems that Apple originally planned for the Apple Watch to have a whole range of exciting health-tracking features. However, it seems they had to cut many of them because of malfunctioning sensors.

    The Apple Watch was originally meant to track how stressed you are by measuring the conductivity of skin. It also included an electrocardiogram feature that was capable of measuring a user's heart rate.

    But Apple's engineers found out that they couldn't get the health-tracking features to work, as the sensors weren't being accurate with people with hairy arms or dry skin. The Apple Watch didn't work properly either when it was worn too loosely around the wrist. And we all know how much attention Apple pays to detail, so they just had to cut these features.

    Apple also planned for blood-pressure and blood-oxygen-level tracking, but these features also won't be present in the first generation of the watch.

    The Wall Street Journal also says the Apple Watch was known at Apple by the name "black hole" because it was consuming more and more resources. The publication says that development of the device took over four years.

    Source: WSJ
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    I want to re-write that headline as:

    Apple Had to cut Apple Watch Health Features due to Sarcastic Sensors

    I imagine these kinds of notifications:

    First step of the morning: Congratulations on getting out of bed.
    Pulse rate above 0: You're not dead, yet.
    Standing up: Good boy. Now sit, roll over, play dead.
    Walk one mile: I hope you don't expect a cigaret. (must watch old Camel cigaret commercials to appreciate)
    Pulse over 100 bps, without exercise: I bet you're wishing you'd had a watch with a camera about now.
    Haven't moved for over an hour: Would you like me to call the coroner now, or wait another hour?
    Detects a PC on the wi-fi network: You know I don't do Windows, right?
    Detects sweat: Gives location and prices for deodorant at the five nearest stores.
    Detects high blood pressure: Plays Mozart's "Funeral March".
    Detects low blood oxygen: Hey, did you leave the oxygen tank at home again?
    Detects 0 bpm pulse: Darn, I guess I'm not getting that firmware update.
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    I'll pay that one tp!:)
    Ah yes! The old Camel Cigs. Where the original factory is proudly displayed on the packet:) The unfiltered ones were the best. They had that satisfying steady but solid burn thanks to generous quantities of saltpetre. And it was always a pleasing challenge to flip one out of that soft packet to see it still in a nice un-crumpled state;)

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