Apple getting closer to strike deal with Time Warner Cable

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    Good news for TV lovers, as Bloomberg brings word that Apple and Time Warner Cable might be striking a deal in the near future. This means that owners of the Apple TV will soon get a bunch of extra channels to entertain themselves with.

    Why is that exciting? Because a deal with Time Warner Cable would bring a full host of live/regular channels, to complement Apple TV’s other features. Most importantly, the smart TV would be able to better compete with Roku, which already offers a broad array of channels to choose from.

    Sources familiar with the matter have commented that both companies involved in this possible deal are interested in going all the way through. More than that, Apple has co-opted Hulu senior vice president Pete Distad to bring his expertise to the negotiations. However, Time Warner Cable is already in business with the services Apple is trying to compete, namely Roku, Xbox and apparently the future Samsung smart TVs. A Time Warner Cable spokesperson recently denied any deal with Apple being finalized, by saying “We don’t have an agreement with them at this time.†Bloomberg is giving them a few months to do so.

    The company has been trying to integrate more and more services into its TV. It has added recently the HBO Go app. It’s a step forward, since so far, the Apple TV has only limited itself to offering videos-on demand and bringing different media to the TV screen.

    Source: Bloomberg

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    Cable TV is so yesterday. Lots of folks have cut the cord and will keep doing so. Deliver content ala carte or forget it. Yawn......

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