Apple Finally Changes New iPad Marketing

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 13, 2012.

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    9to5 Mac reports today that Apple has finally bowed to pressure from consumer groups and changed the name of the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G to iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular in various countries around the world where its marketing of the new iPad has been criticized, and even met with legal action in Australia. The controversy over the marketing of the new iPad abroad revolves around the fact that Apple was still branding it as 4G LTE-capable outside the US and Canada, when in fact this facility is not currently available to customers outside the US and Canada. 9to5 Mac notes that so far, the name of this particular version of the new iPad has only been changed in the UK, Australia, the US, Canada, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, and Hong Kong. It’s not known if Apple intends to change the name in all of the other countries throughout the world where the new iPad is currently on sale.

    Source: Apple changes name of ‘iPad WiFi + 4G’ to ‘iPad WiFi + Cellular’ in many countries following international criticism | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
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    iPAD and their commitment to fairness

    I see that Apple have removed 4G branding from their web-sites. Does any-one understand the law, either US or International, regarding this act of selling a product that is not capable of performing in the markets that it is sold?


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