Apple Ditches Anything Bose-related From Online Store

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    AppleInsider reports that Apple has taken the step of removing all Bose products from the online Apple store.

    You might recall that last week it was rumoured that Apple would be removing all Bose stock, including headphones and speakers, from its retail stores, and now the rumour has been proved to be correct, at least as far as the online store is concerned.

    AppleInsider notes that while Bose products are no longer available to purchase in the online store, as of last Friday, when the products disappeared, it was still possible to pull up Bose products, such as Quiet Comfort headphones, in the search bar.

    While Apple has not made any official announcement on the decision to ditch Bose, AppleInsider notes that it follows on from Apple’s recent acquisition of Beats Electronics, with whom Bose had just settled a patent-infringement lawsuit relating to Bose’s noise-cancelling technology.

    Or, as AppleInsider says, it could also simply be sound business sense, with Apple wanting to promote its own Beats products in its stores rather than what is now a rival brand.

    Source: AppleInsider

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