Apple Developing a 17-Watt Power Supply Suggests 13-Inch iPad May be Coming

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Sep 4, 2013.

By dgstorm on Sep 4, 2013 at 4:05 PM
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    The above is a concept render and is not necessarily indicative of a final product.

    Previously we have heard several rumors suggesting we might see a 13-Inch iPad sometime within Apple's next development cycle. This larger iPad had a dubious rumored name of Max iPad, but that seems unlikely. Regardless of the veracity of the name, the device seems more likely to be real if this newest report is any indication. Supposedly Apple has just developed a 17-watt power supply for an unknown device. At this wattage, the adapter needs more power than the current iPad (12 watts) but less power than the MacBook Air (45 watts). Deductive reasoning points toward a larger iPad as a distinct possibility. Here's a quote with more of the details,

    Obviously, this conclusion could end up as something else entirely. Still, the logic is sound, so we err on the side of this rumor being true. What do you guys think, and would you like to see a larger iPad?

    Source: MacRumors


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Sep 4, 2013.

    1. twerppoet
      A larger charger could be nothing more than Apple addressing the slow charging time of iPads. No need for rampant speculation about a super sized iPad.

      A change to the configuration of the next iPad generation's charger and battery that halved charge time would be very welcome, I think.
    2. tlbaker
      I'd get this for my old eyes!!! ;)

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    3. s2mikey
      13 inches is simply too big for something to be called a tablet. And, they can NOT call it a Maxi Pad either and we all know why. LOL :D
    4. leelai
      Oh that made me chuckle! ;)
    5. iJamesH
      There is so many jokes from this but they all break the rules so I will refrain :D
    6. leelai
      Lol! Good thinking...... I'm thinking. :D
    7. twerppoet
      Did some more thinking about this, and two recent facts popped into my head.

      1) The MacBook Air line just had a supper increase in battery life. While some of that will be software and the new processors, a significan improvement in the battery itself probably played a part in this; all without changing the MacBook Air's size or form.

      2) When the 4th Generation iPad came out the charger for it was 12W. That's two watts bigger than the 3rd gen iPad. It needed this because the battery capacity was larger.

      So, I'm thinking that if Apple has found a way to squeeze some of those battery improvements into the next generation iPad, then they may need that 17W charger just so it doesn't take even longer to charge the iPad. That could mean a much longer battery life. Or it could mean the new iPad will be so much faster it will need that extra battery to keep the battery life it's got.

      Anyway, enough speculating for the night.
    8. Kaykaykay
      There's been talk of demand for larger tablets for business uses -- when you need mobility, but a regular tablet isn't big enough for drawings, graphics, charts, blueprints, sales presentations, etc. Also, bigger tablets might be useful in academic and family settings -- more than one person gathered around a tablet, for instance.

      I can see Apple maybe producing a larger size as a defensive measure, rather than chasing big profits, because sales would be limited.

      If they're actually produced, I might get one for home use. I wouldn't be carrying it around on the go, but it'd still be portable enough to take into another room while doing laundry, exercising or sitting outside under shade. If Apple ever implements picture in picture or split screen for apps, a bigger screen would be even more useful.

      I tend not to rule out things even if I wouldn't necessarily buy them myself; the marketplace is full of users with different needs and budgets.
    9. samsara
      Musicians, instrumentalists, are waiting for a large iPad to run the ForScore application for music reading. Straining to view music scores on conventional size tablets. If that were available you'd see musicians going digital pretty quickly!

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