Apple cutting down on iPad Mini shipments, getting ready for iPad Mini 2?

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    Recently, Apple has been experiencing a drop in full-fledged iPad orders, so it did the reasonable thing – it cut down on its production and adopted a more realistic point a view. Now, news relayed to us by DigiTimes claims that the tech giant has taken the same approach with the iPad mini. But not because the shrunken tablet is performing poorly. The iPad mini has been seeing constant demand in the last few months. However, as Apple has already scheduled the launch of the second generation mini tablet, the company saw fit to axe 10-12 million units for Q2 of 2013. Bringing this information, DigiTimes quotes “multiple sources who provide various components†for the Mini.

    “The decrease may be as high as 20% on month during April, the sources noted, and may continue to slightly decrease throughout t​​he quarter to bring total shipments of the iPad mini to as low as 10 million units during the quarter.â€

    Even if the story remains a rumor, the strategy makes sense, as Apple might be looking to clear the front ahead of the launch of the second generation gadget. Another theory, however, claims that the ruthless competition Apple is facing coming from the Android camp, has influenced the above decision.

    The latest Apple report suggests that the tech giant is expecting to sell 88 million iPads in 2013. The emphasis is placed on the iPad mini, with a forecast of 55 million units sold, as opposed to just 33 million of 9.7 inch iPads.

    Source: DigiTimes


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