Apple Could be Working on a Smarter iPad Cover for Alerts, Patent Filing Suggests

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    The current iPad cover is pretty handy and comes with some useful features, but it seems that it could become even more functional, if we are to believe some fresh information coming from a recent patent filing. According to the patent, the new iPad cover could notify the user of incoming emails, text messages, and other items. The patent filing is called "Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device" and it suggests that a cover or protector for iPad's screen would either display or allow information from the tablet to be displayed. Here are some details on this:

    Right now, there are already smartphone makers who have built this type of devices, so this means that the technology is already available, and we're wondering whether Apple could deploy it in the upcoming covers for the new iPad line-up. Another much-awaited feature of the next-generation of iPad is said to be the fingerprint scanner, which would make the device much more safer for the users' data.

    Source: AppleInsider

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